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Gabby and Gideon
Puppies Due: September, 2020
Going Home: November, 2020
Weight Range: 28 - 36 lbs

Gabby is the daughter of Sophie & Bo and the grand daughter of Abby, one of our foundation Australian Labradoodles here at Classic City Labradoodles. Gabby had 11 pups her first litter and they were absolutely gorgeous and we are expecting a large litter this time.  She is considered a tuxedo coat labradoodle and is very beautiful.  Gabby is so sweet and just loves to love on her human.  Gideon is a red Australian Labradoodle and is also very sweet and beautiful.  Both Gabby & Gideon have the sweetest temperment and I know that everyone will fall in love with their babies.  Gabby & Gideon both have wonderful pedigrees originating from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia.  I expect chocolate & white, blond and red puppies from this litter.

                                Classic City Gabby "Gabby"                                   Mill Creek Gideon "Gideon"

Reserved List Below:

1.  The Peterson Family
2.  The Robinson Family
3.  The Peterson Family
4.  The Stalica Family
5.  The Lewis Family
6.  The Harris Family
7.  The Bell Family 



Welcome to Classic City Labradoodles!

Breeding Only Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles
with an Emphasis on Health, Temperament & Beauty.

We are Gold Paw Breeders!
We do extensive testing on our Labradoodles over and above the requirements by the ALAA to provide
​you with a beautiful healthy puppy that will become an important family member for years to come. 


Latest Arrivals At Classic City Labradoodles!

 5 new litters born in the month of June!

All Of These Litters Are Reserved!

Dottie & Bo - 5 Pups Born 6-17-20

Lucy & Bo - 8 Pups Born 6-22-20

Molly & Gideon - 8 Pups Born 6-26-20

Lizzy & Bo - 7 Pups Born 6-29-20

Millie & Bo - 8 Pups Born 6-30-20


Previous pups from these parings!

"Angel Face, Devil Thoughts." "Dont Give Me Your Attitude." "I Deserve To Be Noticed."
"I'm A Straight Up Class Act." "Im Five Pounds Of Gorgeous Fur." "Sweet As Sugar, Tough As Nails."
"Gods Masterpiece."    "Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane." "Thick Thighs & Pretty Eyes."
"I'm On My Worst Behavior." "I Have No Reason To Act My Age." "Clever As The Devil, Twice As Pretty."
"Life Is To Short For Bad Vibes." "If You're Looking For A Sign, Here It Is." "To Blessed To Be Stressed."
"Be A Cupcake In A World Of Muffins." "Be You, The World Will Adjust." "Success Is In My Veins."
"A Little Party Never Killed Anybody." "Recovering Ice Cream Addict." "The Look In Your Eyes Keeps Me Going."
"Tanned And Loving It." "I Dress To Impress Myself." "Can Heaven Look Better Than This."
"I'm Trying To Be More Awesome." "I'm The Feeling You Never Forget." "I Bet You Wished There Were 2 Of Me."
"Heaven Lost An Angel." "You're My Sunshine On A Cloudy Day." "I'm Not Lazy, Just Relaxed."

Puppies Will Be Allocated In Order Of Deposits Received.
Our Couriers Can Hand Deliver Your Puppies!

Call:  706-202-5416

Reservation List: All Puppies Are Reserved!
Breeder Reserves The Right To First Pick 

 1.  The Cayton Family 16.  The Vining Family 31.  The Ferris Family
 2.  The Mehta Family 17.  The Conte Family 32.  The Kesler Family
 3.  The Kuimjian Family 18.  The Stella Family 33.  The Wilkerson Family
 4.  The London Family 19.  The Adams Family 34.  Classic City Breeder
 5.  The Abebe Family 20.  The Matney Family 35.  Classic City Breeder
 6.  The Beesley Family 21.  The Pakalapati Family 36.  Classic City Breeder
 7.  The Golz Family 22.  The McTigue Family  
 8.  The Ramondt Family 23.  The Vandevelde Family  
 9.  The Branch Family 24.  The Darnell Family  
10. The Oreilly Family 25.  The Owens Family  
11. The Watts Family 26.  The Lantrip Family  
12. The Cohen Family 27.  The Noack Family  
13. The Ferrer Family 28.  The Ajebo Family  
14. The Bisogno Family 29.  The Martin Family  
15. The Kroupa Family 30.  The Jones Family  


Breeders Coming Soon!

I have enjoyed raising labradoodles so much that I want to extend to anyone who is interested in breeding these beautiful sweet intelligent dogs an opportunity to do so.  Breeding these dogs and raising their puppies has truly been very rewarding and I want to share this with others who love the breed.  If you are interested in becoming a breeder I will mentor you through the whole process and help you get started.  My labradoodles are very good producers and normally have between 8-11 puppies in a litter.  I have several pups available now who will make excellant breeders.  Give me a call and I will get you started on your way to becoming an Australian Labradoodle Breeder. 
                                     Breeder Prices: $7,500.00 Each or 2 For $14,000.00
                                                            Full Breeding Rights!

Meet The Parents:

Lucy & Bo
8 Puppies Born: June 22, 2020
All Are Chocolate & White Parti Puppies
Weight Range: 30 - 40 lbs

Lucy is the daughter of Abby, one of my foundation labradoodles here at Classic City.  She is so sweet and laid back and she has this neat personality trait that I haven't seen in any of my other doodles.  Whenever I come in from running errands Lucy is not happy until she can touch my face with her face.  Once she does this she is happy and content.  Bo is just as loving and has to have both paws on your lap when watching TV.  Lucy & Bo both have wonderful pedigrees originating from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia.  

Classic City Lucy "Lucy" High Country Bo Bradley "Bo"

Molly & Gideon
8 Puppies Born: June 26, 2020
Colors:   Red - Blond - Black
Weight Range: 25 - 35 lbs.

Molly is the daughter of Princess and the grand daughter of Abby, one of my foundation dogs here at Classic City Labradoodles.  This will be Molly's second litter.  Her first litter of 9 puppies were chocolate & chocolate & white.  Molly is so special, sweet and gentle.  She loves to run and play and she loves to cuddle on the sofa with her human and watch TV.  Gideon is so kind and gentle and has the most beautiful red wavy fleece coat.  I can't wait to see the puppies from this match up.  We should get chocolates, chocolate & white, red and possibly some red & white babies from pairing.  The coats should be a beautiful wavy ever so soft fleece.

Classic City Molly "Molly" Bedrock's Judge Gideon "Gideon"

Lizzy & Bo
7 Puppies Born: June 29, 2020
Colors: Blond, Chocolate, Black
Weight Range: 27 - 37 lbs.

Lizzy is our beautiful curly coat here at Classic City Labradoodles and she is one of the sweetest doodles ever.  When she was a baby she use to snuggle between the pillows on my bed like she was hiding; it was so cute.  Lizzy has a wonderful pedigree originating from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia.  Bo is our handsome reddish chocolate male here at Classic City and in my opinion he is the most handsome male in the country.  He is just one big sweet teddy bear and loves to cuddle with me on the sofa with both his paws in my lap while we watch TV.  He also originates from Australia and produces the most beautiful puppies.

Classic City Lizzy "Lizzy" High Country Bo Bradley "Bo"

Millie & Bo
8 Puppies Born: June 30, 2020
Colors: Chocolate & White, Chocolate, Black
Weight Range: 25 - 35 lbs.

Millie is the daughter of Lizzy and the grand daughter of Abby, one of our foundation doodles here at Classic City Labradoodles.  She is sweet, curious and very smart.  She loves to ride in the car and loves to go to Pet Smart.  She loves to run outside and play and she is a great cuddler.  Bo is our wonderful reddish chocolate male here at Classic City and the best looking male in the country.  He is so sweet and just a big teddy bear.  He's a great cuddler and loves his paws in my lap when watching TV.  Both these doodles originate from Tegan Park & Rutland Mamor in Austria.  Millie has had chocolate and chocolate & white puppies when paired with Bo.

Classic City Millie  "Millie" High Country Bo Bradley "Bo"



 About Classic City Labraadoodles                      

I am a small breeder specializing in genuine Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.  I am located in Athens, GA about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta.  I am passionate about my dogs and want them to have the best health and care possible so we follow the guidelines of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) in the breeding and caring of our Australian Labradoodles.

Classic City Labradoodles has acquired the best possible bloodlines having purchased our first Australian Labradoodles from the past Vice President of the ALAA.  These bloodlines originated from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia, the original breeders of the Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle.  They have been carefully bred for sound temperaments, health, conformation and coats that are allergy-friendly and low to non-shedding.

Listed here are some other reasons why we are so passionate about our Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles.

                                  Very Intelligent Laid Back                                   
Sociable Easily Trainable
Energetic Kid Friendly
Allergy Friendly Athletic
Easy to Care For Great Pets
Sweet Nature Curious
Great Swimmers Intuitive
Self Assured Faithful

Your Pup will come with:

First set of vaccinations
Copy of vaccination record
6-12 Month spay/neuter contract of your puppy
2 year health guarantee

Puppy collar & leash
Starter supply of Taste Of The Wild puppy food
Blanket with mother & siblings scent
Toys for your puppy
A lifetime of support from Classic City Labradoodles

All puppies except for breeders are $2500.00 and require a deposit of $350.00 to reserve.  When we receive your deposit of $350.00 then you will be added to our waiting list of puppies.

Please call Danny at 706-202-5416 to make your deposit and reserve your Australian Labradoodle today.

Thank you for your interest in our Australian Labradoodles.  If you are interested in becoming the proud owner of a Classic City Labradoodle puppy, please check our Home page where you'll find information about our currently available puppies and upcoming litters.  Enjoy our website and if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Danny White
190 Idylwood Drive
Athens, GA 30605

(706) 202-5416

                              Awarded the Gold Paw from the ALAA for extensive health testing !
                                    We use Paw Print Genitics for health testing and DNA testing!


Deposits for puppies are:

$350.00 to reserve your puppy
$500.00 when the puppies are 4 weeks old
$1650.00 balance when the puppies are 7 weeks old
Deposits are non-refundable.

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